English 3000s: An In-Depth View

Posted: March 20, 2013 in 32 in 72
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The 32 in 72 Challenge is a sponsored event in aid of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. 32 in 72 is an ambitious attempt to complete three major endurance walks in three consecutive days. These walks are known as the Welsh 3000s, English 3000s and Scottish 4000s. This is all well and good, but what exactly does it mean? This post is one of a series that dives into a little more depth and explains 32 in 72 detail, with a view to answering any What? Where? And How? questions you might have about the Challenge.

Although I refer to the Welsh and English 3000s and Scottish 4000s the actual trek itself will be undertaken in reverse, starting in Scotland on the 28th June 2013 and finishing in Wales on the 30th June 2013. This places the English 3000s smack in the middle. Although this leg has the fewest peaks of the three legs the total amount of ascent is more than the Welsh leg and the total distance on foot is equal to the Scottish leg. So, as I travel from Scotland to the Lake District I’ll be stuffing my face to help my body refuel and recover from the bruising Scottish leg. And trying to catch a few hours’ sleep to boot!

Key Differences

Although all the English 3000s are located in the same geographical area, i.e. the Lake District, the peaks themselves are not strung together in a long chain as they are on the Welsh leg. Rather, five are to be found in the Scafell area, two on Helvellyn approximately miles away and one more (Skiddaw) a further miles away. This means that I’m faced with a long slog between Helvellyn and Skiddaw. Walking this section is likely to take as long, if not longer, than the seventy (70) mile bike ride between the Nevis and Cairngorm ranges on the Scottish leg.

The 8 Peaks of the English 3000s
  1. Sca Fell (964m/3,161ft)
  2. Scafell Pike (978m/3,203m)
  3. Symonds Knott (959m/3,146ft)
  4. Ill Crag (935m/3,068ft)
  5. Broad Crag (3,064ft)
  6. Helvellyn (950m/3,115ft)
  7. Helvellyn Lower Man (925m/3,035ft)
  8. Skiddaw (931m/3,052ft)

Total distance on foot is approx. 36 miles and total ascent approx. 12,500ft.  Starting at first light I anticipate completing the English 3000s in approx. 15 hours.

English 3000s Sca Fell 1

English 3000s Sca Fell 1

English 3000s Sca Fell 2

English 3000s Sca Fell 2

English 3000s Helvellyn

English 3000s Helvellyn

English 3000s Skiddaw

English 3000s Skiddaw


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